Customer Experience Design

Product Vision

SleevesUp will work with you to articulate, illustrate and communicate the desired state for your product or service, two to five years into the future..

Customer Experience Strategy

Evolving or launching a new product experience? SleevesUp provide insight-based CX strategies founded on ethnographic and contextual research. Our modelling techniques include empathy maps, personas and more to develop your product or service strategy. This strategy will provides the vision and execution plan for bringing insight-driven innovation into your business.

Customer Insights

We believe an insights-driven approach to customer research is critical to business problem solving. We use a variety of cx research techniques to reveal how your customers really think, act, and feel in the context of their daily lives.

With behavioural segmentation we divide your audience into groups based on their life knowledge, motivations, attitudes and responses to your products and services. For each group, we develop a persona - a character sketch that represents each audience segment. We then use these personas as hypothetical actors to test our ideas as we develop and vet effective cx design strategies.

Behavioural Segmentation & Personas

Design Thinking Workshops

Sleevesup’s cx design approach is rooted in design thinking - a formal method of practical and creative problem solving. With design thinking workshops, we explore the value of new product and service ideas and consider the practical challenges of bringing them to market. Co-creation gets you further faster by starting with ideas from your target audience. We’ll then work with you, your stakeholders and partners, customers and/or others to co-create concepts for products and services.

Empathy mapping techniques look deep into the emotional, influential, and less obvious aspects of people’s experiences engaging with your product. Using these maps we then identify pain points and real moments that matter. Journey maps build upon empathy maps, adding storylines, actors, touch points and big moments to reveal when, how and where your biggest opportunities lie.

Empathy & Journey Maps

Successful interactive designs have simple, clearly defined goals, a strong purpose and intuitive feel to the user interface. Sleevesup will explore how your users expect to find information and complete tasks using the most up to date technologies including voice activation and location-based systems. We will also investigate how to best categorise and structure information, labelling systems, navigation and search - as well as building accessibility into your system.

Information Architecture & Interaction Design

To discover whether an idea is useful, it must be contextualised and presented as a prototype. Thinking by prototyping allows us to bring your ideas to life, better understand them, and thoroughly think them through. We’ll rapidly bring your vision to life in order to determine which have the best chance of becoming the products and services your customers will love to use.

Rapid Prototyping