Get the job done.

At SleevesUp we are a design and development agency that has the internal capability and resources to turn ideas into successful businesses. We choose our opportunities, our employees and our partners carefully to ensure success.


Our History

Founded end of 2015, SleevesUp is a small team of like-minded people who bring together a broad network of skills and experience. SleevesUp founder and Managing Director, Andrew Duncan, has an impressive track record in building successful businesses. From strategy formation, product development and financial analysis through to systems and operations, the team at SleevesUp has the skill and courage to take the first step and the confidence to back each other to bring an idea to life.

What’s in a Name?

The SleevesUp name embodies what we are about - rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. The SleevesUp network spans over a vast range of skills and experience across many industry segments but we all share a common belief in the value of taking the first step in order to reach your goal. We understand that a good idea or strategic insight is worth little without the skills, expertise and willingness to turn that idea into a reality.

At SleevesUp we are determined to build businesses that pay for themselves every day. We risk our time, money and resources on the projects we choose and we select our business partners carefully ensuring they share a common belief in remaining self-sufficient and self-funded on the road to building profitable businesses with quality earnings.

Skin in the Game

Our Philosophy

At SleevesUp we choose delivery and results over policy and procedure. We believe in finding a way to overcome problems rather than hiding behind them. We would rather try and fail than never try at all. We treat each other, our clients and our partners with respect and courtesy at all times as we know through experience the best outcomes are achieved through people working together in a positive, safe and trusting environment.

Brock Irwin