"Just get it sorted for me..."

Sorted is our cornerstone startup, founded by passionate people working to make household services simple.


Our Challenge

Getting your electricity, broadband and other services connected before you move home can be a game of cat and mouse. “Just get it sorted for me!” …is something we heard a lot, so Sorted decided to do something about it.  


We discovered that the experience for real estate agents, landlords, tenants and homeowners is fragmented and inefficient. Real estate agents were taking days to achieve tasks that could be done within hours with the right technology. We also discovered when tenants needed to connect their home services, brokers and providers were signing them up to over-sized plans as fast as possible, taking their money and never looking back.



We saw that the PropTech sector was ripe for disruption across real estate agents, landlords and tenants. Sorted saw an opportunity to help streamline the home services experience right through from applying for a home, to moving in, setting up utilities, optimising plans, tracking usage and payments. We also decided to remove impersonal, inflexible utilities from the equation - by setting up our own electricity and broadband retailers - both designed to provide true flexibility for Sorted’s valued customers.

The Result

Living under the SleevesUp roof, Sorted is our cornerstone start-up founded by passionate people aimed at making household services simple. We’ve designed and engineered the Sorted platform from the ground up to bring everything together in one spot. For real estate agents, the Sorted platform streamlines the process from vacancy to occupancy with massive gains in efficiency. Landlords and tenants are winners too. With a few taps of the Sorted app, they can order, track and manage multiple services across multiple properties, pay bills and manage their expenses. That’s life made simple.


Sorted Services