Experience & Service design, Application Modernisation, Product Development, Third-party system integrations, Hosting & Support.

SleevesUp kept aida’s old platform running while incrementally designing, building and turning on their new system.

Our challenge

aida for Good provides a full partnership solution for Not-for-Profit organisations who are seeking to build their database with quality, regular giving donors.
Our challenge was to replace their expensive ageing technology stack and redesign their fragmented customer experience.


Working in partnership with aida for Good we investigated their existing systems, what was working well and what needed culling or replacing. We also explored how a newly designed service experience could scale into the future to keep pace with technology, their client’s requirements and growth.


aida for Good were using software partially built in-house and partially outsourced to a SaaS platform that was costing them hundreds of thousands a year. For less than the cost of an annual subscription, the opportunity was to rebuild their system from the ground-up so aida could save on SaaS fees, become self-sufficient and also improve their customer experience.

The result

Working in stages of ‘rolling MVPs’ SleevesUp kept aida’s ageing platform running while incrementally designing, building and turning on the new system. This approach of making the old systems redundant as the new systems come online has allowed aida to continue business as usual with minimal disruption, and massively reducing their running costs.

Eliminated up to 50% of manual tasks

Used by leading agencies accross Australia