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All your household services. All in one place. All in under 5 minutes.
Empowering Leader Indicator Survey solution
Large-scale multi-sensory in-home sports fan engagement platform
Customised acquisition solutions for charity field teams
Pledge management platform solution supporting disabled and disadvantaged children

Combining technology capability & business know how.

SleevesUp works with clients on the basis of long term sustainable business models

Our History
Founded end of 2015, SleevesUp is a small team of like-minded people who bring together a broad network of skills and experience. SleevesUp founder Andrew Duncan, has an impressive track record in building successful businesses. From strategy formation, product development and financial analysis through to systems and operations, the team at SleevesUp has the skill and courage to take the first step and the confidence to back each other to bring an idea to life.
What’s in a Name?
The SleevesUp name embodies what we are about - rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done. The SleevesUp network spans a vast range of skills and experience across many industries and we all share a common belief in the value of taking the first step in order to reach your goal. We understand that a good idea or strategic insight is worth little without the skills, expertise and willingness to turn that idea into a reality.
Aligned thinking
At SleevesUp we are determined to build businesses that pay for themselves every day. We risk our time, money and resources on the projects we choose and we select our business partners carefully ensuring they share a common belief in remaining self-sufficient and self-funded on the road to building profitable businesses with quality earnings.
Our Philosophy
At SleevesUp we choose delivery and results over policy and procedure. We believe in finding a way to overcome problems rather than hiding behind them. We would rather try and fail than never try at all. We treat each other, our clients and our partners with respect and courtesy at all times as we know through experience the best outcomes are achieved through people working together in a positive, safe and trusting environment.

From idea to operations - start-ups to enterprise - we've got you covered

We design and build custom software and hardware solutions that use emerging technology to solve difficult business problems and get new ideas to market.

Application modernisation
As an accredited AWS partner, SleevesUp helps companies define and redefine new ways to add resilient, cost-effective software systems with few external dependencies, like on-premise work collaboration or hardware resources. While there are many pathways to modernize legacy architecture, three common ways we help organizations building cloud-native applications are serverless computing, containerization and re-platforming.
Experience & Service Design
SleevesUp works with clients to define, design and deliver solutions to meet user needs that are easy to use. Commencing with a clearly defined problem statement we use a combination of user research and business knowhow to map an organisation’s touchpoints to create a seamless customer experience.
Data & Analytics
SleevesUp works with clients to provide the optimal way (price/performance/scalability) to get answers from all their data to all their users. Using a broad selection of analytics services, SleevesUp helps define a solution to fit your data analytics needs and enables organizations of all sizes to reinvent their business with data. From data movement, data storage, data lakes, big data analytics, log analytics, streaming analytics, and machine learning (ML) to anything in between.
Product Development
SleevesUp lives and breathes the Product Development lifecycle everyday, allowing us to support clients with practical real-life experience when navigating their product from an idea through its market release and beyond.
Business, Government & Investment Community access
SleevesUp is much more that a tech partner, having built, operated, exited and incubated many highly successful businesses, the SleevesUp team have a highly connected network that provides our clients with unique access to opportunities, funding and community to support their business growth.
Ideation & Innovation Labs
We’re experts at exploring new ideas and mapping out how an idea can be built. Working along side your in-house teams or as a stand alone team, SleevesUp can help you validate if past, present or new ideas have value before committing to further investment.
Dynamic Workspace
Co-working is the only way of working. Our co-working space has been designed to help ideas grow by creating an inspiring environment. Memberships, desks, meeting rooms, event space – we’ve got you covered.
Developer hire
SleevesUp helps many clients expand, augment, or scale up their developer teams via a traditional labour hire model. With access to a diverse resources pool across our onshore and studio offshore network, SleevesUp can fill resource gaps quickly and cost effectively.

Business + team credentials

Businesses incubated
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Worked in and on start-ups to corps

Some of our partners

Not for Profit Field Sales Platform
Fan engagement platform
Workplace safety technology
Application Modernisation and IOT optimisation
Consumer Marketplace & Trade Job management platform.
SaaS Leadership Training platform
Multisided Marketplace & SaaS Platform
Clinical Trial SaaS Platform
Digital Health Station Platform

Selected case studies

Pursuit of Zero showcases SleevesUp's innovation capability from ideation to solution design to application development & delivery.
Ideation, Business Strategy, Product Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, React Native, AWS, Twilio, Nylas, Hosting & Support.
Pursuit of Zero showcases SleevesUp's innovation capability from ideation to solution design to application development & delivery.
SleevesUp kept aida’s old platform running while incrementally designing, building and turning on their new system.
Product Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Mobile App, Website Development
SleevesUp kept aida’s old platform running while incrementally designing, building and turning on their new system.
Sorted is our cornerstone startup, founded by passionate people working to make household services simple.
Sorted is our cornerstone startup, founded by passionate people working to make household services simple.


SleevesUp is a proud member of the Tech Council of Australia and the Amazon Web Services Partner Network.

Our international network

Melbourne based business, with aligned values leveraging our Studio SleevesUp capabilities throughout Asia to optimise development velocity and cost efficiencies.

Leadership team

The SleevesUp leadership team has vast  knowledge spanning multiple industry verticals and collective experience across start up, growth and scale stage businesses.
Eric Yilmaz
Passionate and energetic Technology leader who has experience on both the client and supplier side of the Technology industry and has broad practical experience across strategy, digital, infrastructure, operations, product development from both an operational and projects perspective.
Founder / Chairman
Andrew Duncan
Andrew is the founder and former Managing Director of the Serviceworks Group (sold to Computershare in 2011), founder of Sorted Services, Founder of SleevesUp and investor in many early-stage ventures
Shaun Johnson
Shaun is a veteran in technology-enabled businesses. Shaun has 25 years’ management and marketing experience across B2C and B2B businesses in the SaaS, e-commerce, energy, fintech, payments and internet infrastructure sectors in both start-up and blue chip corporate environments.
Experienced business knowhow backed by modern technology & product design experts.

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