Pursuit of Zero

Ideation, Business Strategy, Product Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, React Native, AWS, Twilio, Nylas, Hosting & Support.

Pursuit of Zero showcases SleevesUp's innovation capability from ideation to solution design to application development & delivery.

Our challenge

Pursuit of Zero (POZ) is a pioneer in culture-based workplace safety. Their grand vision is to create a world where everyone returns home from work safely, every day. Our challenge was to enable POZ to move beyond their difficult to scale, on-site consulting model so that they could deliver their safety services more often to more workplaces.


Working in partnership with POZ, we discovered that traditionally safety has focused on compliance rather than positive outcomes, leading to low worker engagement on safety. Leveraging psychology, we understood ways to drive higher worker engagement. We analysed POZ's existing manual processes to understand what could be digitised to enable them to deliver their service offerings more efficiently and at scale.


The opportunity we uncovered was to create a digital platform where POZ consultants could deliver their risk mitigation and safety leadership coaching services virtually rather than on-site. This also opened the opportunity for POZ to expand their business into new geographic markets without establishing a physical presence. We also identified opportunities to increase worker safety engagement via a mobile app.

The result

We designed and engineered the POZ digital platform from the ground up to bring their manual processes into the cloud, enabling the team to deliver their services more efficiently. For workplaces, the POZ app is a fast and effective way to access safety advisory services on demand to deliver real, positive behavioural change in their safety culture.

Used by leading agencies accross Australia